Ryann Byrd

Hello and Welcome!

I am SO happy and honored that you chose to look at my page!  Thank you for making my day!  I strongly believe in having high expectations for my students.  This may mean that I am challenging your child academically to perform their very best.  Or it could mean that we are celebrating for reaching their personal goals.  One thing is for sure, new adventures await us!

About Me:

I have a passion for helping students reach their goals, especially those students who may have difficulty with their academics.  This is my third year teaching in Union County, but this is my first year teaching at Union County High School.  I previously taught at Sims Middle School for two years.  I live in Spartanburg with my husband.  We currently do not have any pets or children at this time.  I have three main roles here at the high school, and they are as follows...

                                                                   Content Teacher:
This semester, I teach World History and US History to a wonderful group of students that I love dearly. In World History, we just finished learning about the continents and oceans.  We will begin learning about Ancient Egypt. My US History class is learning about the colonial regions, but we will move towards studying and researching about the Civil War.

                                                                  Inclusion Teacher:
I am the co-teacher to two awesome groups of students.   I divide my time between Mr. Bandela's Intermediate Algebra class as well Mrs. R. Roger's English I class.  I am here to help your child be successful within these classes.  My rule, along with their class teacher, is that they are NOT a distraction to themselves or others.  If they are, then I will seek action, such as behavioral conferencing or writing a referral.  

As your child's IEP caseholder, I will periodically check their grades.  This may include conferencing with them, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. I will praise them for their progress or help them with study skills.  At times, I may also discuss their behaviors. It is my goal to help your child be their very best. In addition, we may have scheduled IEP meetings.


Feel free to click my name below or complete a form on the “Contact Me” section if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. I hope your day is as awesome as how you made me feel by visiting my page!! Thank you so much for your support! 

Ryann Byrd