Codey Sanders

What's Happening: Week of 10-24-16/10-28-16

Auto collision Repair 2: Students will be learning how to apply color and base to there project in class.

Intro Trans collision: Students will be sanding project in class,removing dents from panel, applying body filler, and prepping the part to learn how to apply paint.

Auto Collision Repair 1: students will be sanding vehicle that is in class, removing dents, applying body filler, priming vehicle, and applying base and clear to vehicle .

  Welcome to the Mr. Sanders' Auto body Class

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About Me

I have been doing body work on cars for a total of 8 years and I am entering my 3rd year of teaching auto body. I enjoy teaching students about how to fix and paint cars and being able to give back to the students the skills that I have learned to make the students successful in the future.

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